Loud Budgeting! Gen Z’s Roaring Financial Revolution

Gen Z has a new trend – and I love it!

Loud Budgeting.

It was coined late in 2023 by the hilarious Lukas Battle, by birth a Gen Z’er, in his now viral Tiktok video with 1.5 million views. Now, the concept is splashed all over the internet, everywhere from the HuffPost to the Business Insider, shaking up the personal finance world.

I will do my best to sum it up:

It is stating, loud and proud, for all around that you have a budget and aren’t afraid to stick to it! Basically, you set financial boundaries for yourself, according to your values, and assert them when faced with peer pressure to go beyond them.

Instead of concocting excuses for skipping expensive outings, Loud Budget-ers boldly state their priorities, rejecting the allure of “quiet luxury” and the Instagram influencer lifestyle.

Battle emphasizes,

Its not “I don’t have enough,” its “I don’t want to spend.'”

In a world of skyrocketing prices, Loud Budgeting is part necessity and part rebellion against societal pressures to consume. It’s about taking personal finances seriously, making choices aligned with values, and creatively crafting an enjoyable life within financial constraints.

Don’t tell Gen Z Loud Budget-ers, but the ideas are not entirely new. However their refreshing take on them is music to my old ears!

They have given personal finance a “glow up” by breaking the taboo around money talk, and having open and shame-free financial discussions instead. Taking control of finances through “loud budgeting” is an act of self-love, and sharing intentions with others helps maintain financial discipline.

While I can’t rock the Gen Z fashions, this is one trend that I will be jumping on! I can only hope this movement is ushering in a new era of financial empowerment – the loud budgeting way!

How about you? Will you be loud budgeting this year? Are you ready to start mastering your finances? Maybe I can help?

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