Master Your Finances, Transform Your Life!

Do any of these sound familiar:

  • I cannot stand this job, but I absolutely need it.
  • I want to do something different, but I just don’t see how.
  • I’ll never be able to retire, why bother.
  • I don’t really know where my money goes.
  • Money stresses me out.
  • No one every taught me about money and I don’t know where to start.
  • If only I had the money, I’d….

What if you could feel in control of your finances, armed with all the tools you need to succeed? I want to help!

I want you to feel:

  • In control of your financial life.
  • Free to focus on the more important things
  • Confident you have what you need to navigate your way to total personal prosperity!

Prosperity Pathfinder Framework & Toolkit

The Prosperity Pathfinder is a process and toolkit developed from my personal experience going from financial zero to financial hero. It makes sure you have the knowledge base, awareness, systems and habits that will help you find and navigate your lifelong journey of seeking true and complete prosperity.

Where to Begin?

The process begins with a complimentary 30-minute phone call, allowing us to explore if your needs align with my expertise.

Framework & Toolkit: You can get your copy of the Prosperity Pathfinder framework and toolkit, and a 2 hour session with me. During that session, I will go over the framework and help you get started. Price the Prosperity Pathfinder and 2 hour session is $350. If you purchase just the Prosperity Pathfinder and decide later you’d like a little assistance, you are free to reach out for coaching services.

Full Coaching Services: If you can and are willing to really make a commitment to working the framework and getting the transformation you’re seeking, I would encourage to engage in a full service coaching package. Packages can range from 3 to 6 months of personalized coaching, planning and support, crafted to your very specific circumstances. Packages start as low as $1000.

Things you might be wondering…

Despite its vital importance, personal finance is often not taught to us in school. It is often a taboo subject with family and friends. Our modern society encourages debt, instant gratification, and the idea that consumption equates to status and identity. This means that even intelligent and well-educated individuals can find themselves in need of assistance when it comes to managing their finances effectively.

If you feel like you’re navigating a complex game without understanding the rules, you’re not alone in this experience. There is hope for you! The rules of personal finance are straightforward, but their implementation can be challenging. Seeking guidance and support can be a smart move.

Maybe! A financial advisor specializes in investment strategies, portfolio management, estate and tax planning. However, they are not going to help with fundamental financial education and behavior modification. Financial advisors are not mandated to be concerned with your holistic financial well-being. Coaches, however, can’t give you personalized investment advice.

Financial advisors and personal finance coaches can go hand in hand, but coaching is often better done before seeking out the services of an advisor. Having fundamental financial knowledge, awareness of your holistic financial goals and money behaviors in check first will help you get the most out of the expertise of a financial advisor.

Personal coaching is a collaborative, one-on-one process where a trained coach helps you set and achieve goals. Also, a coach provides subject matter expertise, guidance, and support. Coaches are there to hold you accountable, empower personal growth and transformation. Think of a personal coach as your steadfast partner with extensive knowledge, in your corner, helping you to dream and achieve.

In a world where the internet is flooded with information and DIY options, coaching offers a structured and time-efficient approach. If you’re short on time or don’t have the inclination to sift through endless resources, a coach can provide a streamlined path towards your goals. Coaches bring expertise to the table and tailor their guidance to your specific needs, making the process more efficient.

For many individuals, a coach can serve as a trusted confidant. If you lack someone in your life you can confide in about your dreams, concerns, or challenges, a coach can fill that role. They offer a confidential and non-judgmental space for you to openly discuss your aspirations and uncertainties. This dialogue can be instrumental in gaining clarity and perspective.

Coaches also play a crucial role in accountability. If you find it challenging to maintain motivation solely from within, a coach can help keep you on track. Regular check-ins and support serve as external motivation, ensuring you remain committed to your goals even when faced with obstacles or distractions.

Addressing your finances goes beyond budgeting and investing; it’s a journey into understanding your emotions, values, and the beliefs that guide your decisions, transcending mere numbers. This exploration can lead to personal growth and transformation. It significantly impacts success and happiness, influencing your well-being and your perception of fulfillment. Financial stability offers a solid foundation to pursue life’s goals, providing security for other essential aspects like relationships, health, learning, and giving

Why Blue?

My commitment to personal finance coaching is fueled by a deep passion for helping individuals transform their financial lives. I have experienced first hand how important having a solid financial base is for overall life success and well-being. On the flip-side, I’ve seen people suffer and live a stifled life when they don’t have that solid financial base.

I hate seeing people suffer, not be able to give their best to the world because of something as stupid as not knowing how to play the money game. I desperately want to help people remove that barrier, and use their finances to live a truly prosperous life.

With a master’s degree in social work and over 12 years of experience in the finance industry, I bring a unique blend of expertise to the table. Having walked the path of financial challenges myself, I understand the hurdles and obstacles, but know there’s hope.

My Areas of Expertise

  • Personal Finance Concepts: I specialize in simplifying complex financial concepts, making them accessible and actionable for you.
  • Identifying Problematic Thoughts, Beliefs, and Biases around Finances: I can help you recognize and address the psychological barriers that may be hindering your financial growth.
  • Strengths-Based Problem Solving: I believe in leveraging your strengths to overcome financial challenges and achieve your goals.
  • Lifestyle Design: Together, we can design a financial plan that aligns with your unique lifestyle and aspirations.
  • Systems Creation to Meet Goals: I’ll assist you in creating effective systems and strategies to achieve your financial objectives.
  • Accountability & Support: I’m here to hold you accountable, provide unwavering support, and keep you on track toward your financial success.
  • Data Analysis: I can help you make sense of financial data, allowing for informed decision-making and goal tracking.


  • FINRA Series 7 license (General Securities Representative Exam)
  • Master’s of Social Work
  • Coaching for Change program, Case Western Reserve University
  • 5 years experience in a professional leadership role
  • Successfully escaped a cubicle myself

You can read a little bit about my personal origins that brings me to this place now, at About Blue.

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